Picture Compressor - free online image compressor

Try free image optimizer, image compression service that will surprise you. You may upload PNG or JPG images.

The requirements:

Up to 50 images for one loading, 3 MB for each image is a maximum size.

Choose optimization method :

Lossy compression

- You can save to 80% of image size. In some cases, you may notice some quality difference while increasing the size of the picture.

Lossless compression

- Optimization without changing any pixel. You will get the final image with no quality difference from the original picture. The lossless compression is a high-quality compression.

Advantages of Using Picture Compressor

  • Online Image Compressor reduces the file size of your images.
  • You save space on your hard drive and increase the speed of loading web pages where they are used.
  • Changes in images are so imperceptible that you can hardly distinguish the processed file from the original.
  • Search engines are very friendly to websites with optimal images for quick response.
  • This tool shows a better balance of image quality and size than similar tools used in graphic editors like Photoshop and other.
  • Png and jpg size reducer without cost.
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